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City of Estella-Lizarra
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Interesting information

  • History category : city since 1090.
  • Administrative category: municipality, head of the region, judicial party.
  • Judicial Party: Estella.
  • Region: Estella.
  • Geographic region: Estella-Lizarra.
  • Population in 2006: 13.668 inhabitants.
  • Surface: 15.39 km2.
  • Population’s density: 911.57 inhabitants/km2.
  • Altitude in the Town Hall: 420 metres over the sea level (measured on the entrance of the Town Hall).
  • Distance to Pamplona: 44 km.
  • Communications/ Access roads: Camino de Santiago´s highway (A-12), the most important connection. It was recently constructed and it is the main link with Pamplona and Logroño. It links Estella-Lizarra with both capital cities in less than 30 minutes. An alternative of this route is the old N-111. By the North, using the N-120 you can access directly to San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa) through Lizarraga’s pass. Another option is using the (A-12) by Pamplona. By the NA-178 we can access to Urbasa’s mountain range in order to enjoy its landscapes. Towards the West, using the N-132-A you can access directly to Vitoria (Álava). It is possible to use as an alternative way, Camino de Santiago´s highway by Logroño. On the East, through the N-312, Camino de Santiago´s highway (A-12) is linked with the A-15 (at Tafalla’s city). From the south, the access to the NA-122 coming from Allo, San Adrián y Calahorra.
  • Gentilic: estellés; commonly known as estellica.
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